Белорусская Государственная Академия Искусств

With its strong focus on international importance of art, science and culture, the Belarusian State Academy of Arts (BSAA) continuously strives to establish and maintain broad long-term cooperation with higher education institution of arts both in Europe and worldwide. The Acade-my is the only higher education institution of arts in the Republic of Belarus whose five faculties feature a unique teaching staff that not only provide students with solid academic knowledge and skills but also help them to develop their talents and to get acquainted with new trends in the fields of art, science and culture. Numerous graduates of the Academy are now outstanding art-ists who have got recognition both in Belarus and abroad. Our students and lecturers benefit from the geographical position of Belarus to experience and appreciate the most significant and interesting art exhibitions, theatre performances and film premières. As the development of a modern creative personality is now unthinkable without the knowledge of cultural diversity, the Academy is extremely interested in organizing international internships and exchange pro-grammes for our young talented lecturers and professors, postgraduate, master’s degree and un-dergraduate students at foreign universities as well as invites leading foreign professors to give lectures and masterclasses. Exhibitions of modern art of various countries are regularly held at the Art Gallery of BSAA, too. Studying at BSAA does not imply only the diploma of the European standard. It is a privileged opportunity to be students of outstanding professors and talented lec-turers, which helps to develop unique creative personalities and is a good start into a career!