Belarusian State Academy of Aviation

The structure of BSAA today includes a department of secondary spe-cialized education, 2 faculties (civil aviation and military faculties) for studying at the first and second (master’s) degrees of higher education, postgraduate studies, the Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining. With the active as-sistance of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Transport and Com-munications of the Republic of Belarus, the educational process is organized on the basis of practice-oriented training of cadets on the basis of aircraft re-pair plant No. 407, Minsk National Airport and other aviation industry enter-prises. Forms of interaction with the real sector of the economy, which have proved their effectiveness, are the creation of branches of departments, the or-ganization of internships. The Aviation Academy not only makes it possible to obtain professional knowledge and skills in the field of aviation, which are very demanded in the modern world. We consider it important that, during free from training, you could get those extra impressions and competencies that you consider necessary for personal growth and success.