Applicant have to decide, what specialty he/she wants to get. After that, we pick a city in Belarus and a University, depending on his wallet

In most universities, studying is conducted in Russian for the first level (bachelor’s degree). But there are exceptions – medical education, IT and some others. For most specialties, studying takes 4-4.5 years, for medical education 6 years. At the second stage (master’s degree), studying is possible in Russian or English. Studying in Russian is cheaper than in English. Education at the first and second stage for overseas students at most universities begins in September or October. All overseas students who intend to study at Russian Medium program are obliged to complete the training at the Preparatory Department (6-10 months) where they take a course in Russian language and fundamental disciplines. Applicants can go to preparatory courses all year. After preparatory courses applicants are given a certificate, which gives him/her the right for enrollment without entrance examinations in any higher educational establishment of CIS-countries.

University does not provide any scholarship or render financial support to international students.

Applicant send to our company copies of the following basic documents:

  • Passport (period of validity no less than 1 year);
  • Secondary school certificate or University Diploma with grades;
  • Birth certificate.

Sometimes applicants need to send the following additional documents:

  • Bank statement of the student or his/her parents. The amount in the account should cover the tuition & accommodation fees;
  • Certificate of employment.

*Certificates on knowledge of languages are not needed.

University commission considers and agreements student’s documents. After approval of the documents, an invitation to study is issued.

For example, for a Medical University, grades in chemistry, biology, mathematics and physics must be at least A, B, C. There are also age restrictions. For studying at the first stage – no older than 25 years, for the second stage – no older than 30 years. But in some cases there may be exceptions.

Invitation is considered and approved by the Migration Department according to its criteria. The term of approval is 7-10 days. An invitation for studies is sent to the applicants if a decision is positive.

Please, pay attention, that the process of issuing the invitation and its approval is quite time-consuming and takes about 2-3 weeks.

If the country has a Belarus Embassy, then the applicant must open a Belarus visa there (Nigeria, Turkey, India). If the country does not have Belarus Embassy, then a visa is opened at the National Airport in Minsk after the student arrives (Ghana, Cameroon, Lebanon).

The list of documents that must be submitted to the Embassy one can find on the website of the Embassy. Applicant must also provide the original study invitation. The term for consideration of documents is about 7 days.

This time applicant must also get a medical certificate and HIV test. If an applicant is going to study at the second stage (master degree or PhD), he must legalize his education certificate in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of his country.

After receiving an invitation, an applicant can buy a ticket to Belarus.

Most often, applicants use the services of Turkish Airlines or Belavia The applicant must also have a return ticket (for example, during the summer holidays). After that applicant must send fly details to his agent in order to receive an Ok to Board from the airline.

At the airport, the applicants are met by a university representative and student’s agent. After arriving at the Minsk National Airport, the applicant must have the following documents in his hand luggage:

  • a passport;
  • an education certificate (document) with the list of studied subjects and marks, received at examinations;
  • birth certificate;
  • medical certificate about state of health and a certificate about absence of HIV, given by official health authorities of the country from which a candidate to study arrived;
  • 6 photo (size 3×4 cm).
  • copy of invitation;
  • return ticket;
  • money*

* Consul at the National Airport will check applicants cash who has arrived. This is necessary to confirm the possibility of his paying tuition, accommodation and daily fees. The student must have cash at least $ 3000-3500. If the money is not enough, the consul may not let applicant in the country. At the airport the applicants pay for a visa ($ 100-120), as well as obligatory medical policy with one of Insurance Companies (about $ 170).

All overseas students are provided with accommodation in the hostel. After arrival, the applicant goes to the student’s hostel. During the trip we stop at a cafe.

A student can live in a student’s hostel (about $ 50 per month) or in apartments ($ 100-300 depending on the city).

The next day, the applicant undergoes an additional medical check-up in the clinic, accompanied by an agent. The student pays for the medical check-up about $70 per year.

Then we make the necessary payments to the bank:

  • tuition fees ($ 1500-3500 depending on the university) *;
  • accommodation fees in student hostel ($ 200-300 for 6 months depending on the season);
  • service fees (including transfer from airport);
  • notarized translation of documents (about $ 50);
  • payment for registration at the migration office ($ 50).

* For studying of the preparatory department – the tuition fee is paid in amount of 100% at the day of signing of the contract. For 1st year students – the tuition fee is paid – 50% of the sum of tuition fee at the day of signing of the contract and the remaining amount is paid before 1st March. The tuition fee is paid for each year separately in cash to the bank (in Belarusian rubles at the rate of National Bank of the republic of Belarus) or transfer on bank account of the university (in US dollars).

Monthly living expenses, including food, transport expenses & etc. make up about $200 -400. In addition, one shall bear in mind expenses on winter clothing.

On arrival the Study Contract between the applicant and the University is signed. To pass the enrolment procedure applicant will be assisted by the international department.

Usually within a week the student begins to study.

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