Belarus is a nation of the educated: more than half of its residents have graduated from higher education
institutions. Studying in Belarus you will have a unique opportunity to dip into country’s life, culture and
traditions, master your knowledge of Russian, get experience of communication with native speakers and
make new friends. Belarusians are friendly people. Representatives of different nationalities and confessions
live in peace and harmony in the country. Belarus’ unique feature is that it is a comfortable, calm and safe
country for all people regardless of their ethnic, racial, and religious background. I can say that I feel
comfortable here. Everything is simple. All you need is to work diligently, live by the law and your
conscience, and everything will be fine.
Vitebsk is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. Modern Vitebsk is one of the largest industrial centers of the
Republic of Belarus, the city with a highly developed industry, science and culture. The streets and squares
are decorated with monuments of architecture and art. They beautify ancient streets of the city on the
Western Dvina River in the complex with a complicated architectural and planning structure and the
composition of picturesque buildings. Vitebsk land is rich in historical and cultural traditions, which receive
the new birth and the further development today.
Belarus is in the top 10 countries with the lowest crime rate and high level of security according to the
popular Number service. The safety index in Belarus is 77.74 points out of 100 possible.
Living costs in Belarus are significantly lower than in European countries, North America or
Russia. Meanwhile we have more comfortable living conditions because the situation in the country is quite
steady, infrastructure is developed and foreign citizens are treated in a kind way. Tuition fees are
significantly lower in Belarus in comparison with Europe, North America and Russia.
Vitebsk has very good transport links. There are buses, trams, trolleybuses and minibuses. It is also possible
to buy a monthly pass. The cost varies from the number of variants of transport. Also you can call a taxi in
the city. The average cost of a trip around the city is very cheap and affordable.
Food and drink are very cheap in super market and shopping mall and are available all the time. Cheap
Mobile phone calls with unlimited internet packages with less amount. Wi-Fi at each room of the student
hostel. Television room available for students and washing machines all at my disposal.
Belarus today houses more than 100 different nationalities. Various foreign students who have lived in
other European countries point out with great satisfaction that Belarusians are hospitable and kind nation
and treat foreigners in a good way.
The most perfect decision I ever make in my academic career was to gain a recognized master degree from
Belarus University which is recognized in the whole world. I will urge all incoming student to come to
Vitebesk- Belarus for your degree or Master program.
By: Edward Akomeah

Hello! my name is Lucia Mugaruka 18 years old I am a student in IT ,I live in Belarus for already 2 years, my life in Belarus is so comfortable quiet I arrived in vitebsk in 2018 I did my first year of preparatory course at vitebsk state university PM masherova. I was welcomed in the university campus where I made my first friends .
My roommates were able to explain to me how the university works, which was a little obscure to me on arrival, they told me also makes discover traditions. I really felt like living as a Belarusian for a year
: after my preparatory year which lasted 9 months I decided to continue my studies in the same university since I had the best teachers in the world  the school welcomed me and treated me as one of theirs and they made sure that I felt comfortable that my lessons were well
I can say that Belarus is a country where people are open and welcoming, after my 7 months I decided to stay in my own apartment since I was already used to Belarusian life, I was really struck by the kindness of Belarusians ; their manners and their “gentlemen” side is not a legend! We like it or we don’t like it, it’s true. But I really appreciated that, especially when you arrive in a country that you do not know, with a mastery of the language not perfect (especially in the context of different regional accents), and that the you have to ask for help or your way. These two years have taught me to appreciate their culture (I don’t like it any more today), and my experiences abroad in general have been a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and learn about myself. Today, I still need this little dose of challenge, of unknown and of intercultural confrontation that represents a trip abroad which allows me to reflect on myself, on the world and to sharpen my way of apprehend the latter. I have also gained a lot in openness, independence and adaptability, qualities which (I am convinced) serve us throughout our lives, whether in personal or professional fields).

Charles Osas Olivier, the student of Pre-University Training Faculty.

  1. What country are you from? When did you come to Belarus?
    – I am from Nigeria and I arrived in Belarus in September 2019.
  2. How long have you been learning Russian? Is it difficult?
    – I have been learning Russian for three weeks. Yes, it’s difficult considering the total change of alphabet compared to English. However, with the help of our teacher I am beginning to find headways. So, now it seems easier.
  3. What was your motivation to get education in Belarus? And how do you find your experience of studying and living in Vitebsk?
    – I was motivated to study in Belarus because of friendly cooperation with foreign students here, excellent module of study, great educational relationship with Nigerian Government The testimony of students who graduated from Belarus Universities is very motivational. Finally, studying in Belarus is cheap and affordable and cost of living is not expensive compared to other countries.
  4. Why, out of all programmes offered by the leading universities in Belarus, you decided to choose Vitebsk State University of Technology?
    – Before I applied for admissing to VSUT I discussed this with a few students, who graduated from Belarus, and they advised me to choose VSUT. Also, having searched the University website and blogs, I found it a more aspiring and comfortable centre for study. Finally the study modules of Vitebsk State University of Technology are perfect and encouraging, what convinced me in future success of my academic career.
  5. How were your expectations met? Could you share with us any of the most exciting or challenging moments?
    – My expectation in terms of study is excellent. I believe I have a very friendly teacher, whom I hold to high esteem and respect. So, in terms of learning, my expectations are fully met.
  6. What do you like most at our University?
    – What I like most at Vitebsk State University of Technology is their high standard of teaching. They care for foreign students, and foreign students’ safety is something they prioritize. I am pleased to study here.
  7. Have you made new friends here?
    – Yes, I have made couples of friends, mostly in the hostel. They are very friendly international students who have been helpful and interactive from my very first day.
  8. What would you like to advise foreign students who would like to study in Belarus?
    – I would like to advise foreign students who are planning to study abroad, to choose Belarus as the perfect country to pursue their academic career. My reasons are as follows:

    • high standards for education, cheaper, in comparison with other countries, for its high quality;
    • affordable education;
    • perfect module of study;
    • cheap cost of living;
    • friendly people;
    • very accommodating (a place you can call home).
  9. Please, complete the sentence: «Education in Vitebsk State Technological University is…»
    – Education training in Belarus is awesome perfect, as I have mentioned before. The educational staff have the interest in their students. They put in their utmost effort to make sure the student will achieve his dreams and ambitions.

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