Polotsk State University

The University holds a name of one of the most ancient cities in Eastern Europe. Polotsk was first mentioned in historical sources in 862 and is, therefore, rightly considered to be the oldest center of culture and education of the country. The first book-printer in Easter Europe, doctor of free arts and medicine, Francysk Skaryna, was born and conducted research in Polotsk. In 1581 a Jesuit College was founded in the city, which later grew into Polotsk Jesuit Academy in 1812 and became the first Higher Education Institution on Belarusian land. In 2005 the renovated buildings of the former Jesuit College welcomed their students into its historical classrooms and halls. Not so long ago, another University building was opened in the outskirts of Novopolotsk on the banks of several streams in the village of Mezhdurechye. Surrounded by the unique and picturesque landscape, the building hosts students studying Physical Culture and Law. Our university successfully cooperates with higher educational establishments and organisations in many countries including Austria, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Germany, Finland. The University is a partner of research and educational projects sponsored by the European Union.

Student and staff mobility is a result of the intensive participation of PSU in international projects and programs. It contributes to obtaining the best international practices, developing professional knowledge and skills, implementing project ideas and improving the University image. The University participates in such prestigious projects as Erasmus+, Horizon 2020, Tempus, DAAD programmes.