Vitebsk State Technological University

VSTU is an educational, research and production complex, which includes 7 faculties, a sports complex, a canteen, a student sanatorium, a library, Masters studies, a post-graduate course, doctoral studies, a regional testing center and other units. There are 18 departments in the University, 3924 students have been engaged in day-time and part-time form of training. The scientific and pedagogical staff of the University is 244 people, including: 15 doctors of sciences, 102 Ph.D., 14 professors, 99 associate professors. Training of specialists with higher education is conducted in 17 specialties of the first stage and in 10 specialties of the second stage for further work at the enterprises of IT area, light industry, machine building and other branches of the economy. To date, about 40 000 specialists with higher education have been studied.